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Isn't Pay Per Visit More Expensive?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Winnipeg's Snoweco Snow Removal operates differently than other snow removal companies. The difference is that you pay per visit. Gone are the months where you pay $140 and there is no snow! When we experience high amounts of snow they are typically within, or continue for a couple of days. Snoweco Snow Removal charges on a per visit basis.

Isn't that more expensive?

No! We've spent a lot of time thinking about that ourselves. In the past 10 years there have been 118 snowfalls that would need clearing at a 1" (2.54cm) trigger. At $140/mth that would cost a customer $7,700 over the last 10 years. This also doesn't include some of the early or late snowfalls outside of typical (November to March) snow fall season. Monthly contracts cost you MORE money.

With our "charge per visit" model, the same customer, at $50 per visit, would have spent $5,900 over the same 10 year period. That's 31% less than other snow removal companies. This would also include the months where snow isn't as typical. Even more savings!

With our model you also pay less for lower amounts of snowfall. This allows, you the customer, to save money if there are blow-ins or light amounts of snow that need shovelling.

So why not join Winnipeg's own pay per visit snow removal service today?

Fill out an online quote request and we will get it back to you within hours and usually minutes!

Click the button on the left side of the page to get a quick quote now! : )

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