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How am I charged?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The question everyone wants to know is how, and when, we charge.

We aim to make this as friction-free as possible for our customers. All of our customers are charged on a per visit basis. If we don't remove snow, you dont pay! What a concept! All payment is made by Credit Card on file.

Customer rates are based on snowfall amounts. Request a quote today for your pricing tier.

There are two types of accounts offered by Snoweco:

1) On Demand Service - This is where a customer can simply call, text or email to let us know they would like service at conclusion of the current snowfall.

**Please note that the account must be set up with Credit Card on file.**

2) Seasonal Pass - A seasonal pass is a more traditional type of account where the customer let's us know at the start of the season that they would like us to come for the duration of the winter (or until you tell us not to). What is different, from other traditional snow removal businesses, is when we charge. At the conclusion of each snowfall the customer will be charged accordingly, based on snowfall amount, for the pending service, immediately, a receipt will be sent to notify the customer of payment made. At that time our Snow Technicians will be out removing the snow.

Have you paid for a snow contract and had no snow removal service that month? I think many people have been there.

Why pay a monthly contract when snowfall amounts are so unpredictable?

Call or request a quote from Snoweco today and allow us to be your snow removal service.

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